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1. Johannes, T.W.∗, DeSieno, M.A∗, Griffin, B.M, Thomas, P.M., Kelleher, N.L., Metcalf, W.W., and Zhao, H.  Deciphering of the Late Biosynthetic Steps of Antimalarial Compound FR‐900098. Chemistry and Biology, 17, 57-64 (2010) PDF


2. Choi, Y.∗, Johannes, T.W.∗, Simurdiak, M., Shao, Z., Lu, H., and Zhao, H. Cloning and Heterologous Expression of the Spectinabilin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster from Streptomyces spectabilis. Molecular BioSystems, 6, 336-338 (2010) PDF


3. Nair, N.U., Shao, Z., DeSieno, M., Johannes, T.W., Zhao, H., Lee, T., Sullivan, R.P., McLachlan, M., Zhao, H. Towards the Cost‐effective Production of Antimalarial Drug FR‐900098 and Butanol. Proceedings of Foundations of Systems Biology (FOSBE), Denver, CO (2009) 


4. Eliot, A.C., Griffin, B.M., Thomas, P.M., Johannes, T.W., Kelleher, N.L., Zhao, H., and Metcalf, W.W. Cloning, expression, and biochemical characterization of Streptomyces rubellomurinus genes required for biosynthesis of antimalarial compound FR900098. Chemistry and Biology, 15, 765‐770 (2008) PDF



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